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Long & Baily Family Farms

Long & Bailey Family Farms have over 60 years of local hog raising experience. These animals are of Duroc, Heritage Breed and are raised in open-air Hoop Barns in Manteca, California. These barns are equipped with fans and misters that keep the animals in comfort during the hot summer months. They are raised on straw bedding, not on concrete (which is the conventional method of hog farming). This method takes away the pressure and stress on the animals’ hoofs, legs, and body, while enabling the pigs to naturally maintain the proper body temperature and thus grow and mature in a natural manner.

These animals are fed a 100 percent vegetarian diet, never any animal by-products, antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids. They are treated humanely and raised in a totally sustainable manner (even the straw, feces and natural by-products are turned into compost and sold back to the local farmers).

Once you’ve tasted the pork produced from these animals and raised in this manner, we believe that you will agree with us that it is some of the best you have ever eaten.

Our Goal

  • To give a product that has sustainability, humaneness toward animals and a consistent quality.

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